Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sample LPN Resume

To provide quality skilled nursing care to clients in a long term care, skilled nursing care or home care setting.

I have over two years of experience as a nurse in long term care, skilled nursing, along with adult and pediatric home healthcare experience. 

District 1199 C Training and Upgrading Fund. Philadelphia, PA Practical Nurse Program.
Northeastern Hospital School of Nursing. Philadelphia, PA RN Program.
Community College of Philadelphia. Nursing Prerequisites.
Delaware Valley School of Medical and Dental Assistants. Philadelphia, PA
Medical Assistant Program. 


Licensed Practical Nurse. Caring for clients in long term care and skilled nursing facilities. IV Certified. CPR/BLS Certified. My skills are care of feeding tubes,including G and J, tubes, also bolus feedings, and flushes. Stoma care of G nad J tubes. Medication administration, VS, ADL's Glucose Testing, Insulin administration, injections; Pneumonia, Flu, and Heparin injections, Veinipuncture, Urine lab testing, assisting with exams and procedures in specialty offices and at a hospital. PPD testing. Oxygen therapy, Nebulizer treatments, Emergency care, CPR/BLS support and ambu bag therapy. Skin Assessments, wound care, Trach Care, including suctioning, removal and replacing of trach tubes. Ventilator Therapy. Coughalator, Ostomy Care. Care of PICC lines, IV infusions, including IV pumps, Nurses notes, Patient charting; including Mars and Tars, filing, TVO's, Admissions, Discharges, Incident reports. Lab Reports; including critical labs, stocking of supplies, computers and fax machine. Care of Pediatric and adult clients in a home care setting and preschool. Skills include seizure care, precautions, safety measures, hoyer lift, ADL's, VS, Trach care, suctioning, Neb. Tx's, Med administration, including emergency meds,i.e. Diastat and Epi-pen. Glucose Testing and Insulin Therapy. Documenting including use of 485, client Teaching and Care Plans. 

Additional Information:
I have a vast array of experience including working as an LPN, also as a Medical Assistant in Internal Medecine, Urology, and Dermatology. I also was a nurses aide in a hospital before i became a nurse. I worked on a post-op floor, emergency room and also in maternity. I continue to grow professionally and I am working on finishing my credits to become an RN.

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